WB: Cambodia’s economy on solid recovery path

Cambodia’s economy is on a recovery path, with growth predicted to accelerate to 5.5% this year, according to a World Bank (WB) report.

In 2022, growth reached 5.2%, returning to pre-pandemic levels, mainly due to a rebound in services, especially trade.

Medium-term growth is expected to hit 6%.

Cambodia’s economy is firmly on a path to recovery, led by manufacturing exports and growth in other sectors.

“To safeguard its economic recovery, Cambodia needs to diversify its tourism products and destinations and improve its trade competitiveness by boosting connectivity, reducing trade barriers, and streamlining customs procedures,” said WB Country Manager for Cambodia Maryam Salim.

Cambodia can aid this growth through investing in connectivity infrastructure and personnel development, safeguarding financial stability, and promoting diversification of exports to enhance the economy’s resilience and competitiveness./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency