About Us

We are the devoted team behind the Singapore News Gazette, which is the leading online news websites in the news industry of the Asean region. The website has been publishing news of all kinds for all kinds of visitors and different age groups for many years, and since the beginning of our career in the news industry, the Singapore News Gazette has had a clean track record and that shows that we stick to the norms of the journalism. For us news is news, which has nothing to do with how much beneficial it should be for any online news website and that is what which makes us away from making our news website extremely commercialized. Our stance is very simple that we are not to generate revenue; we are to inform people regarding all the news which are of their interest. The website has the archiving system, which helps our readers to take out any backdated news if they miss it out.

As the Singapore News Gazette is the leading news website, so this landmark we have achieved only because of maintaining high performance of our news website and that high performance of our website has also made us have high ratings for which many online news websites strive hard and opt for ways which are wrong and illegal. We feel proud to reveal our efforts to campaign for completely avoiding the publication of inauthentic news in the news industry and eventually it worked out and now many online news websites have got on the right path determined by the teachings of journalism.

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Have any suggestion regarding our news website or want to comment regarding any news? Feel free to contact us on social media as we are very much active on all the social media platforms and have the highly professional social media team, which ensures that it does not skip every comment made by our readers. You can get our service such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds in order to stay informed about every event.