Overseas Vietnamese in Cuba celebrate Tet

Havana: The Vietnamese Embassy in Cuba has organised activities to celebrate the Lunar New Year (Tet) Festival 2024, offering overseas Vietnamese in the Caribbean country opportunities to experience Tet atmosphere despite living far from the motherland. They together made 'Chung' cakes (square glutinous rice cakes), a typical dish for the Tet festival. Young Vietnamese people were told about Tet rituals and customs. Hoang Kim Anh, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in Cuba, said overseas Vietnamese and students in Cuba have been excited about activities on the occasion of the Tet festival. It is not easy to organise an event to make 200 "Chung" cakes for the Vietnamese community, she said, adding that the embassy staff have to make plans to buy and store pork, sticky rice and green beans which are shipped from Vietnam. She added that they used wild banana leaves to wrap the cakes instead of 'dong' (phrynium) leaves. Moreover, the activities also helped introduce and promote Vietnamese cultural val ues to international friends./. Source: Vietnam News Agency