– Android OEMs implementing SOTI MobiControl to securely manage consumer to rugged devices has grown 39 percent in six months

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Sept. 11, 2014  /PRNewswire/ — SOTI Inc., the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management EMM and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy management, today announced that it has enabled more than 50 Android mobile device manufacturers to offer enterprise customers the ability to manage Android devices securely. OEMs include BQ, HTC, Intermec by Honeywell, Kyocera, Lenovo, LG, Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Samsung and many others. SOTI’s MobiControl Android+ technology has been pivotal in addressing Android device fragmentation and is paving the way for secure Android in the enterprise by delivering advanced security and management functionality across the wide spectrum of Android versions that businesses rely on to drive their operations.

No other EMM vendor can enable this deep OS-level integration.

Competitive EMM Android solutions provide only high-level functionality through APIs and they cannot provide the advanced security or functionality that SOTI MobiControl Android+ technology delivers. The more than 50 OEMs partnering with SOTI demonstrate the growing popularity of the platform in the enterprise globally and SOTI’s ability to address Android fragmentation. SOTI enables Android OEMs to strengthen the security and manageability of mobile devices increasingly used in corporate office settings and for dedicated purposes like package tracking, inventory management, law enforcement and life-saving healthcare functions.

"The ability to enable Android+ from our factory floor provides our customers with access to the secure management of Android devices that SOTI delivers," said Mark Kirstein, Senior Director Enterprise Software, Mobile Computing from Motorola Solutions. "Our customers rely on the ability to inherently trust their devices, and SOTI helps CIOs and IT departments enable, optimize and secure mobility across platforms."

As companies move beyond the initial wave of BYOD, they are expanding their use of mobility to create differentiated products and services that enable them to achieve competitive advantage. They are doing so using a mix of mobile devices running on a variety of operating systems. With SOTI, Android OEMs are able to provide enterprises with the ability to include Android-based devices as part of their mobile strategy confidently.

"We level the playing field, allowing organizations to select the device that works best for their enterprise mobility strategy, regardless of operating system. With SOTI MobiControl Android+ technology, OEMs can build devices that enable enterprises to do exactly that," SOTI CEO Carl Rodrigues said. "Whether it’s a consumer smartphone or tablet or even a barcode scanner, businesses implementing mobility as part of their operations can have a management system that offers a consistent level of security in addition to advanced mobility features. Enterprises are turning to SOTI for our deep cross-platform support and expertise."

With the operating system’s versatility in enterprise and dedicated-purpose environments, it is ever more critical to be able to deeply manage Android devices securely as they become more widely used across the front office and back-end systems. Android makes up nearly 85 percent of the global smartphone market share alone.

"To their credit, SOTI was the first EMM vendor to support Android as they recognized the platform’s potential to the enterprise," said Eric Klein, a senior analyst who tracks enterprise mobility at VDC Research. "Their relationships with prominent Android OEMs are significant and place SOTI in a strong position for dynamic growth."

By providing the ability to detect and block security threats before entering the enterprise network, SOTI’s MobiControl Android+ technology provides strong security and an additional layer of defense to embedded security mechanisms used by mobile device manufacturers. In addition to bridging the security gap, SOTI provides advanced management features for Android devices. These features include remote control (critical for remote help desk functionality and remote training), lockdown/kiosk mode functionality, web content filtering, geofencing, and anti-virus protection with multiple remediation options.

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SOTI is the world’s most trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, with over 12,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. SOTI’s innovative portfolio of solutions and services provide the tools organizations need to truly mobilize their operations and optimize their mobility investments. SOTI’s flagship product, MobiControl, allows enterprises to enable, optimize and secure their mobile workforce across all platforms to support corporate-liable and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. SOTI extends secure mobility management beyond basic MDM to provide a total, flexible solution for comprehensive management and security of all mobile devices deployed in an organization.

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