SWANSEA, Wales and WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Feb. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Irresistible Materials (IM), a UK materials technology company spun-out from the University of Birmingham, announced today it has signed a License Agreement with MicroChem Corp. (MCC), a supplier of innovative solutions for MEMS, Microelectronics and other emerging technology markets.   

The License Agreement provides MCC with rights to sell and distribute IM’s novel spin-on-carbon materials. IM’s materials will be produced and supplied to MCC by Nano-C, Inc., IM’s manufacturing partner and a leading manufacturer of nanostructured carbon-based materials and chemicals for electronics.

Scott Heidemann, Executive Vice President of MCC, said, "We are very pleased to be working with IM on the launch of this exciting new technology. There is a clear need in the semiconductor industry for improved materials to support the move to smaller and more precise feature sizes within microelectronic and MEMS markets. IM’s patented hard-mask materials deliver an exciting breakthrough in performance that will enable our customers to pattern precise, high quality features at increasingly small dimensions."

Mark Shepherd, CEO of IM, said, "The alliance with MCC signals a key advance for IM, enabling us to support the launch of our new carbon hard-mask materials to address needs in multiple applications, from next generation 3-D micro-chip designs, to MEMS, NEMS and the replacement of existing costly vapour deposition processes."

About Irresistible Materials
IM was created in 2010 to further develop and commercialise the University of Birmingham’s lithographic materials technology for the next generation of microchips.  Since launch, IM has developed an extensive patent portfolio covering innovative resist (EUV and E-beam) and hard-mask materials. It continues to work closely with the University, alongside a growing network of partners and collaborators worldwide to both develop and commercialize its materials portfolio. For more information, visit: www.irresistiblematerials.com.

About MicroChem Corp.
Located in Westborough, Massachusetts, MicroChem develops and manufactures specialty chemicals for MEMS, Microelectronics, Specialty Displays, IC Packaging, Optoelectronics and other leading technology markets. MicroChem is recognized globally for high quality photoresist and ancillary products, broad market experience, interdisciplinary knowledge, and applications expertise. The MicroChem distribution network spans the globe, including representatives or distributors in key locations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. For more information, visit: www.microchem.com.

About Nano-C, Inc.
Located in Westwood, Massachusetts, Nano-C is a leading developer of nanostructured carbon for use in energy and electronics applications. These materials include fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and their chemical derivatives. Nano-C’s mission is to play a key role in enabling applications of these materials and is committed to their responsible development and use. Nano-C is a privately held company founded in 2001. For more information, visit: http://www.nano-c.com/