Schools conduct enrichment activities to broaden the school’s curriculum according to the different needs and interests of their students. The type and frequency of enrichment activities may vary according to the students’ needs. For example, schools may offer enrichment activities in the areas of self-management and social skills, sports and fitness, aesthetics and enterprise. These activities help to develop 21st century competencies in our students such as communication, leadership and collaborative skills.

Schools engage vendors to conduct some of these workshops when there is value in tapping on the external expertise of those with requisite professional training or relevant life experiences, to complement the teachers’ role. For instance, to promote an active lifestyle and a love of sports in students, external trained personnel are engaged to conduct enrichment programmes aimed at exposing students to specialised sports such as roller blading and kayaking. MOE provides schools with guidelines to assess the suitability of external vendors and the basket of criteria include their ability to deliver the programme objectives, and their qualifications and experience. Schools may subsequently have the teachers conduct the enrichment programmes and workshops when they have built their own expertise in the defined area.

Students’ feedback is sought on vendor-run enrichment programmes and workshops, usually through evaluation forms filled in by students. Teachers also conduct a review and reflection session with the students. Students’ feedback and comments enable the school to evaluate the effectiveness of the enrichment programme and consider whether to engage the vendor for future programmes.

MOE will continue to work with schools to ensure that school programmes, including those run by vendors, remain relevant to the needs of our students.