SHENZHEN, China, February 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Do you still remember the end of American Dreams in China? When the New Dream company, jointly established by three partners, debuted at Times Square in New York, they were proud, as if what they had worked hard for had all boiled down to this very moment.

From January 28 to January 31, 2015 (Eastern Standard Time), Zhou Jian, UBTECH’s founder, suddenly made his on-screen appearance at Times Square in the Big Apple. Mr. Zhou, holding the latest version of ALPHA humanoid robot in his arms with the message follows: Zhou Jian, father of robots in China, brought intelligent robots into thousands of households. This is the second time in the U.S. that UBTECH has announced its presence after the CES in early January. From this, industry analysts believe that UBTECH is possibly planning its entry into the American market.

Why announce its presence at the "Crossroads of the World"?

Reputed as the "Crossroads of the World", Times Square has a visitor flow of 40 million persons and a passenger flow of 100 million persons every year. It’s considered one of the most eye-catching windows in the world. Recent years have seen a handful of Chinese brands like Alibaba, Jingdong, Yihaodian, and Gree Electric Appliances make their on-screen appearance at Times Square. However, this is the first time ever that a Chinese robot brand has debuted at a highly expensive place for advertising.

Why announce its presence at the "Crossroads of the World"? Having always been committed to bringing intelligent robots into thousands of households, choosing such a platform is not only a manifestation of UBTECH’s strength and commitment, but also delivers a message of UBTECH’s confidence, industry analysts point out, UBTECH wants to make their products and ideas known across the world. As the most eye-catching intelligent humanoid robot maker in China, UBTECH has world-leading research capabilities. Invested with a half billion RMB, ALPHA humanoid robot, which took five years to develop, has been well-received since its launch, highly popular among high-profile S&T shows, and repeatedly reported by ABC, Reuters, Bloomberg, CCTV, and other big-name media agencies.

According to the latest survey reported on the Chinese robot industry, practically no rival faces ALPHA humanoid robot in China as only UBTECH has truly made humanoid intelligent robots commercial. ALPHA has sold 30,000 intelligent robots so far. Although seemingly an insignificant number for general products, it marks the peak sales in the Chinese robot scene where robot spending is yet to be popularized. For this very reason, UBTECH has been rated the Biggest Surprise of the Robot Industry for 2014.

Does UBTECH Intend to Build Its Presence Overseas?

Only the second month into the year of 2015, UBTECH has made its appearance at the CES, Times Square, and the Nuremberg Toy Fair. All these moves, plus industry analysts’ belief that ALPHA II will be much more outstanding than many international brands, which have led to speculation that UBTECH will most likely enter overseas robot markets through this second generation ALPHA.

"A globally-oriented high-tech enterprise integrating independent research, marketing and production, UBTECH has an estimated value of USD 250 million. UBTECH sales are expected to reach RMB 200 million in 2015 and RMB 1 billion in 2016, 50% to 60% of which will come from overseas markets," revealed Zhou Jian, UBTECH’s founder.

Unlike the relatively well-developed industrial robot market, the intelligent service robot market which is targeted for a huge number of family and personal customers will have more prospects and promising market potential than the industrial robot market. In consideration of the huge market of European, American, Japanese, and Korean countries with up-to-date spending concepts and power, one can easily understand the frequent moves of UBTECH in the global markets.

To hit the market in 2015, ALPHA II is reported to be sold at a price of USD 1,500, which is yet to be confirmed officially. If that is true, this smart connected robot with an imitation "human brain" will surely set a hot trend in the global intelligent humanoid robot scene. The slogan of "bringing intelligent robots into thousands of households" presented at Times Square further suggests that UBTECH will target the global market.

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