YIWU, China, February 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Yiwubuy.com(http://en.yiwugou.com) is the international official website of Yiwu Commodity Market which is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. Recently, sellers on the sub-website of Yiwubuy.com in Brazil are organized to bid on Brazil Olympic products which is sponsored by the Brazil Olympic Committee. Competitive products can be provided for the Brazil Olympic Games by support from Yiwubuy.com and many thousands of sellers on it. Similarly, the bidding will bring further Olympic orders to Yiwu businessmen.

Mr. Jin Guanghao is the organizer of this bidding activity and CEO of Xinshidun E-commerce Co., Ltd. which is licensed partner of Yiwubuy.com in Brazil. Referring to the reason why he prefers to choose Yiwubuy.com rather than Alibaba.com, Mr. Jin Guanghao explained, "Every online shop on Yiwubuy.com has offline shop in Yiwu Commodity Market giving the confidence that we are receiving authentic and quality goods and services while Alibaba.com only has online shops. We cannot afford any mistakes, especially the bidding for Olympic Games."

"Besides, the supply on Alibaba.com being scattered far and wide over the country, Yiwubuy.com affords a one-stop service to focus all the commodities together without cost and speed the delivery up. Moreover, it reduces expenses because the international logistics cost in Yiwu is more than one-third lower than the average. Additionally, Yiwu supplied lots of products for the Brazil 2014 World Cup that was well received around the world. Undoubtedly, Yiwubuy.com is the one that stands out."

With rapid development in the mobile internet, online-to-offline trend is evident and vice versa. As the O2O model of Yiwubuy.com is widely acknowledged, Yiwubuy.com’s online transactions reached over 1.5 billion yuan in 2014 and would keep increasing. Furthermore, the sub-website of Yiwubuy.com in Brazil has received an order of four million yuan during the process of this bidding.

Besides, "Global Partnership Plan", a key project of Yiwubuy.com, has achieved 206 thousand booths in a business area of 18 million square meters in China by the collaboration with 44 specialized markets. On this basis, Yiwubuy.com sets the goal of creating an e-commerce aircraft carrier for global buyers in hundreds of billions level through the supply chain based on the huge network of offline markets.

Obviously, the traditional market will take faster progress on its e-commerce development after mastering internet technology. It could be a reality that Yiwubuy.com seals a fine victory over Alibaba.com at the Brazil 2016 Olympic Games.

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