YAC, the world’s lightest and fastest cleaner, announces a new function – AdBlock, designed to block annoying ads and protect your privacy, is now available.

SAO PAULO, Nov. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — According to recent Google statistics research, Google AdWords serves an average of nearly 30 billion impressions per day! Google Search has 5.57 billion impressions per day! Currently, over 10 million people block annoying ads on Chrome on a daily basis.

Annoying ads are a global problem, and Yet Another Clearner (YAC) Adblock, from Elex do Brasil, is here to help. It bocks unwanted ads, helping your PC run faster and more smoothly while allowing appropriate ads to enter through a special doorway. These ads must follow strict guidelines to be accepted by the software. However, if the user chooses not to see an ad, they have the ability to manually alert the program to block it.

YAC AdBlock features include:

  • Blocks Ads. By default, YAC AdBlock will block annoying ads such as video ads, Facebook ads, pop-ups, and much more.
  • Disables Tracking. A user will usually be hit with countless ads about an item they may have researched before. AdBlock allows you to disable all tracking, thereby eliminating headaches.
  • Blocks Suspicious Domains. There are specific domains that spread malware and viruses. AdBlock can be configured to block those domains from entering the computer.
  • Disables Social Network tracking. Even useless icons on a desktop are sending information about browsing habits to social networks. AdBlock cuts down the tracking.
  • Typo Correction. Some sites intentionally misspell common words to bring you into their site without your intent. AdBlock corrects these typos before the computer has a chance to go to the corrupt site.

Since its launch in 2013, YAC has quickly gained a warm welcome from users due to its browser tracking protection and optimized browser settings. YAC has over 3 million active users worldwide and is ranked 3rd on Softonic.com and 3rd on Download.com. “Our software is powerful, innovative and easy to use,” explains Elex do Brasil‘s CEO. “We are committed to providing the very best in PC Cleaner technology and we are ambitious about bringing a most welcome PC Cleaner in the world.”

For more information, visit the YAC website: http://www.yac.mx