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Posted: 04 Aug 2014, 1705 hours (GMT +8)

Written Reply by Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen to Parliamentary Question on Sale of National Day Parade Tickets

Mr Baey Yam Keng: To ask the Minister for Defence (a) what is the number of people caught selling their National Day Parade tickets each year in the last 10 years; (b) whether the Ministry will consider imposing heavier penalties, including fines, for such practices; and (c) whether the mode of admission to the Parade can be refined, for example, a requirement for proof of identity.

Dr Ng Eng Hen:
The National Day Parade (NDP) Executive Committee (EXCO) takes a strong stand against those who sell NDP tickets. As stated in the ticketing advisory, those found attempting to sell or who have sold their NDP tickets will be barred from the ticket balloting for three years.

The NDP EXCO is constantly looking to improve the NDP ticketing system and is reviewing and considering heavier penalties against those found selling their NDP tickets.

The current mode of admission is well established and has served us well in past years. Proof of identity is required during ticket collection, but at the point of admission, the focus is on physical security checks to ensure the safety and security of all present. Introducing additional identification measures, such as proof of identity at the point of admission to the Parade, would unduly delay the seating of the audience. This is consistent with the practice at major ticketed events.

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