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Posted: 05 Aug 2014, 1830 hours (GMT +8)

Written Reply by Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen to Parliamentary Question on Former Permanent Residents Who Did Not Serve National Service

Assoc Prof Tan Kheng Boon Eugene: To ask (a) what is the number of ex-PRs who did not serve their NS but are currently studying, working or living in Singapore or are now Singapore PRs or citizens; (b) what is the justification for allowing these persons to be able to reside in Singapore, be re-instated as PRs, or granted citizenships; and (c) what percentage of applications for renewal of Re-Entry Permits made by the parents and family members of ex-PRs who did not serve their NS had been adversely affected and, if so, in what manner.

Dr Ng Eng Hen: Permanent Residents (PRs) who fail to register or enlist for National Service have committed an offence under the Enlistment Act. They are NS defaulters and must answer for their NS offences. Under the Enlistment Act, NS defaulters shall be liable on conviction to a fine or to imprisonment.

As previously stated, PRs who renounce their PR status before serving their NS liability also face serious adverse consequences when they subsequently apply for work and study. No such persons have been granted re-instatement of PR or citizenship in our records.  For work and study, the policy has been progressively tightened such that no NS-liable PR who renounced his PR status in the last decade has been granted approval for work or study.

In addition, for ex-PRs who fail to serve NS, any immediate or future applications for renewal of their parents’ and immediate family members’ Re-Entry Permits may be adversely affected, including curtailment of the Re-Entry Permit.

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