IT businesses looking to make their way into the Japanese market can have a suitable distribution channel for increasing their sales with the help of the popular website.

TOKYO, Nov. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Japan currently stands as the third largest economy in the world. This is the main reason why the country has been attracting so much business as of late Each of its business sectors holds a considerable amount of potential for all sorts of products; a fine example for a highly prominent business market in Japan is the country’s IT sector.

Despite the country’s booming outlook in the IT industry, businesses promoting software within Japan, as well as internationally recognized brands attempting to make their way into the Japanese market, have all been struggling as of late. This is mostly because of the lack of distribution channels across the nation. One name which has been providing utmost efforts for covering this gap is worldsoft, a renowned website for purchasing imported software in Japan, operated by B7, Inc..

worldsoft currently holds a page rank of 5 on Google. It provides an exceptional platform as well as a highly engaging distribution channel for businesses aiming to increase the sales of their products in Japan. The website’s success is defined by the amount of years it has spent at the top of the Japanese information technology market. It was launched in 2004, and was quick to climb up the rankings due to the sheer reliability it offered to Japanese customers.

A spokesperson for the highly successful Japanese website was very enthusiastic about the recent progress the platform has made, saying, "worldsoft was created solely to provide a substantial basis for IT businesses looking to make a name for themselves in the Japanese market. We take great pride in the fact that our website has lived up to expectations to become a well-renowned distribution channel among all businesses selling software in Japan."

The spokesperson further added, "Until now, we were not offering promotion plans for software developers. This limited our platform’s openness to everybody. However, now we are changing this trend and offering our customers an advertising model. We believe that developers will find this advertising model very helpful."

Overcoming the gap for positive and progressive distribution channels in Japan has become a growing problem, which is the main reason why international brands have struggled to establish their presence in the Japanese IT industry. However, thanks to the efforts of worldsoft, this gap is gradually being reduced as an increasing number of businesses have begun utilizing this distribution channel for selling their products across Japan.

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worldsoft (, operated by B7, Inc., is a well known website for purchasing imported software in Japan. The site was launched in 2004 and has established itself as one of the most reliable distribution channels across Japan in the IT and software industries. It is regarded as a suitable option for marketing digital goods in Japan. Please refer to for the promotion plan details. Contact form is at


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