This is the first research report of its kind covered Asian’s user behavior across PCs, smartphones and tablets.

TAIPEI, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Appier, the cross-screen marketing technology company, recently published its latest Cross-Screen User Behavior Research Report, providing insights into how users interact with PCs, smartphones and tablets, and their engagement across different devices. This report is based on the data from Appier campaigns run in 8 markets[1] in the second half of 2014.

The following are key findings for Japan markets:

  • Insight on cross-screen user behavior is becoming increasingly important.
    • In Japan, more than 70% of multi-device users (people who own more than two devices) own two devices, and the rest 30% own at least three or more devices. This trend is similar to Taiwan market.
    • User behavior across different screens is very complex. 36% of multi-device users show completely different behaviors, while 42% of the users have similar behaviors across devices.
  • Usage of multi-device is highly dependent on time of day & day of week.
    • People in Japan user more PC and smartphone during weekdays, while tablet usage is significantly higher on the weekends.
    • PC usage is higher at work while mobile device usage is higher before and after work. 
  • Consumer preference for screen size is continuously shifting towards the middle.
    • Mid-size devices (4-4.8 inch phones & 9.7 inch tablets) still make up for the majority in both Q3 and Q4 2014.
    • Similar to Australia, iOS usage is still more than Android in Japan.
  • Ad Effects vary based on device types and screen sizes for game, retail, and travel industries.
    • Large phones (>5 inch) receive better CTR (click-through rate) for gaming and retail campaigns.
    • Small phones (<4.8 inch) receive better CTR for travel campaigns.

"This report demonstrates the complexity of user behaviors across multiple devices. Without intelligent data analysis, it’s difficult for marketers to predict their target audiences’ user behaviors in this multi-screen era. At Appier, we leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and big data to provide consumer insights for marketers to develop their customized marketing campaigns," said Chih-Han Yu, Appier co-founder and CEO.

Appier has launched its Cross-Screen (across smartphones, tablets and PCs) Marketing technology to Japanese market last October. Many Japanese brands and advertising agencies have started to use Appier’s Cross-Screen Marketing to successfully reach their target audiences. Appier will continue to look for new partnerships, with hopes of connecting with local companies to utilize data and providing marketers and advertisers an unprecedented digital marketing experience.

 [1] Markets include Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

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