Excel in Future Marketing to Succeed in the Mobile Internet Age

BOSTON, September 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The annual global marketing event 2014 FutureM Forum held the opening ceremony in Boston on Sept. 16. Today, as a key component of this forum, the awarding ceremony of the internationally-famed 2014 Global Competitive Brand Top 10 from China was held. Witnessed by 3,000 plus participants and more than 300 top-tier media from around the world, 10 Chinese companies selected as the outstanding representatives of sustainable Chinese companies and of global competitiveness, namely Sinopec, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, China Life Insurance, China Mobile, Huawei, Haier, ZTE, BOE and Tencent, won the award of 2014 Global Competitive Brand Top 10 from China. Among the four single prizes, the Most Sustainably Competitive Brands went to Sinopec and Great Wall Technology, the Most Popular Brand with Future Competitive went to BOE, the Most Popular Brand with Core Competitive went to China Life Insurance, and the Most Innovatively Competitive Brand went to ZTE.

Photo – http://www.top-brands.cn/news.asp?op=read&cate=&id=302

So far the Global Competitive Brands Top 10 from China, organized by IDG, has been held five times, effectively showcasing the power of Chinese brands to the world. This year’s competition focuses on the theme “Future Brand Marketing to Win in the Mobile Internet Age.” For the first time, this activity combines brand competitiveness indexes with new growth opportunities brought about by the brand’s future marketing competitiveness as a major selection criterion, so as to thoroughly identify the in-depth development problems for Chinese brands in the mobile Internet age and explore new growth points for them in the new technology trends. In addition, at the awarding ceremony, several survey reports, including Globally Competitive Brands Development and Prediction Research Report, were released to help Chinese companies capture development opportunities and elevate global competitiveness in the new mobile Internet age.

This year, the judging panel agreed that in the mobile Internet age, which is characterized by multi-channel, digitalization, individualization, social network and fragmentation, new marketing tools cover a variety of new media and communication methods, including Weibo, WeChat, client-end, Internet Explorer and applications. Meanwhile, the fast evolvement of the mobile Internet that has altered people’s lifestyle and consumption habits are posing huge challenges to branding, marketing and communication and also bringing about new opportunities to the rapidly growing Chinese brands. In this mobile Internet age, winners of the Global Competitive Brands Top 10 from China proactively leverage the new information technology with excellent products and services, in order to constantly strengthen their brands on both the domestic and the international markets, and are finally recognized by users from all over the world. These visionary companies fully understand that the true value of a brand lies in its future market competitiveness. Thus they effectively grasp the opportunity of future marketing, concentrates on brand development and become the locomotive of branding on a global scale in this mobile Internet age.

As the main conference of the 2014 Global Competitive Brands Top 10 from China, the 2014 FutureM Forum is a grand event that anyone seeking updates about the future marketing trends could not afford to miss. This three-day event is expected to attract more than 3,000 audiences to listen to the speeches delivered by more than 200 distinguished guests in more than 65 sessions of sub-forums. The Conference offers a combination of topics including traditional marketing, digital marketing, research and development, product development and customer participation and decision-making. It will focus on how brands can do marketing well in the mobile Internet age, how companies could improve brand value and product sales on the mobile Internet, and how to achieve customer purchasing power and realize brand marketing. The purpose is to extensively expose Chinese companies to the innovation of marketing and the latest technological trends, for them to explore and capture business opportunities on the road to future marketing.

During the 2014 FutureM, the 10 winning companies will receive wide coverage on more than a hundred local and international mainstream media and display the global competitiveness of Chinese brands in the mobile Internet age on all dimensions. Winning this award, they will also have the opportunity to communicate face to face with executives of multi-international companies, globally-renowned scholars and experts, investment bankers, consultants and analysts to exchange viewpoints about the global market, enhance brand channel building, and finally succeed in leading the future market.

While the world is undergoing a profound revolution, China and the rest of the world are converged to an unprecedented level both depth-wise and breadth-wise. On the road of globalization, the popularity and influence of brands are particularly important to the Chinese companies with ambitions. Global Competitive Brands Top 10 from China aims to boost the popularity, reputation, loyalty and influence of Chinese brands in the international market, and help them with innovation and technological breakthroughs in the mobile Internet age in order to hold fast to the growth point of future marketing. The stronger branding power will enable these enterprises to ascend the international arena more smoothly and achieve sustainability.