TOKYO, February 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Vizury, the leading performance marketing and retargeting firm in APAC, has launched App-App retargeting for the mobile gaming space.


"Industry trends reveal that less than 25% of smartphone users worldwide continue playing after 30 days of game download. Therefore, it is imminent that mobile game developers must constantly reach out to players and move them to the next stage of the engagement funnel. Our Gaming App-App Retargeting solution utilizes user behavior within the game and shows customized ads to players while they access other apps on their smartphones or tablets," said Mr. Gourav Chindlur, Vizury’s co-founder and COO.

Vizury’s Gaming App-App Retargeting works at three levels.

  • Game discovery: Helps mobile game developers target their existing players and promote new games or apps.
  • Player engagement: Identifies players with drop in engagement and shows ads prompting them to continue playing.
  • Monetization: Promotes In-App purchases that can help active players progress with the game.

Vizury’s behavioral targeting identifies precise target audiences and drives only relevant/high value players back to the game. In fact, Vizury has helped game developers in China bring back 30% of their drop-offs.

"Vizury’s wide network of mobile inventory partners allows game developers to reach players on most gaming and non-gaming apps. This solution works well on both iOS and Android devices and is perfect for large gaming markets like Japan where players have diverse interests and hence pertinent targeting comes handy. Beta trials for a leading game developer in China shows that we increased the propensity to purchase of retargeted players by 20% with significant conversion of inactive players to frequent buyers," said Mr. Keiichiro Tomimatsu, GM Vizury Japan.

How Vizury’s Gaming App-App Retargeting works?

Vizury’s proprietary SDK constantly records player behavior within the game. Deep Linking ensures that players who click on ads, land on the relevant page and not the home page of the game offering superior player experience.

About Vizury 

Established in 2008, Vizury has offices in Bangalore (HQ), Tokyo, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzho, Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei, Dubai, Seoul, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Mexico. Vizury has appeared on Deloitte APAC Tech Fast500 for two consecutive years and is among the first in Asia to be an FBX qualified partner and a Twitter Retargeting Platform Partner.

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Dhruva Shetty