The preparations for the construction of a 200-meter high building, the highest in Uzbekistan, as part of the International Business Center Tashkent City project, has already started, Trend reports via

Currently, the construction is in its second phase. The calculations and analytics are done with use of IT technologies.

Recently, the geological research of the soil has been completed according to international and local standards on the territory of Lot No. 4. The "Universal Packing Masters" that operates under the "Murad buildings" brand is carrying out construction on this territory.

Further, Singapore's DP Architects company and Turkey's international Zetas company are also involved in the construction.

According to the latest reports, the composition of the soil was studied at a depth of 65 to 100 meters, using the latest geological technologies. At a later stage, the soil's geological formula (density, humidity, pore pressure, temperature, electrical resistance, etc.) will be compiled at the construction site.

At the same time, the necessary measures are taken to minimize the impact of construction processes on half-century trees along the Islam Karimov Avenue by isolating them from the site.

After updating the architectural plan the builders will begin to develop the pit and strengthen the ground.

Source: TREND News Agency