The Police are aware of untrue and irresponsible online posts by netizens who had questioned if TransCom officers had conducted checks on two Madrasah students because they had a quota to hit. Such comments that seek to stir up racial sentiments are uncalled for and unhelpful.

The TransCom officers were in fact engaging the two students on a new initiative called Riders-On-Watch (ROW) that was implemented on 2 July 2019. We are happy to share that the two students have signed up as ROW volunteers, and they now join other ROW volunteers to help keep Singapore's public transport networks safe and secure.

ROW volunteers receive the latest crime information that affects our public transport system. Besides helping to keep watch, ROW volunteers can also share the information with their family members, friends and neighbours, thereby assisting the Police in crime prevention.

Members of the public who wish to know more about Riders-On-Watch can find out more information from these links:

Source: Singapore Police Force