There will be three additional anonymous HIV test sites in Singapore from 1 July, to further encourage early testing for HIV.  The three additional sites are:

i)              Doctors Clinic & Surgery;

ii)             Kensington Family Clinic; and

iii)            Q&M Medical & Aesthetic Clinic (Tampines Central) Pte. Ltd.

2          This brings to 10 the total number of anonymous HIV test sites.  All the sites were chosen based on factors such as experience with rapid HIV testing and location. The full list of test sites (see “Annex A”) is available on the HPB website [at] for members of the public to refer to.

3          Confidential name-based HIV testing is also widely available at general practitioner (GP) clinics, polyclinics and hospitals in Singapore. However, there may be individuals who would like to be tested but prefer not to be identified to healthcare personnel. Anonymous HIV testing hence provides an alternative to conventional HIV testing.

4          The anonymous HIV testing programme in Singapore aims to encourage individuals at risk of HIV infection to go for testing and to do so early. In 2013, two out of every five new cases already had late stage HIV infection when diagnosed. With early diagnosis, a HIV positive person can access care and treatment earlier. By knowing their status early, they can also take measures to protect their partners from infection. The total number of anonymous HIV tests carried out in Singapore has increased from about 5,500 tests in 2005 to almost 14,000 tests in 2013.

Public advisory

5          The most effective way to prevent HIV infection is to remain faithful to one’s spouse/partner and to avoid casual sex and sex with sex workers. 

6          Persons engaging in high-risk sexual behaviour, such as having multiple sexual partners or engaging in casual or commercial sex, are strongly advised to use condoms to reduce their risk of HIV infection. Condoms should be used consistently and correctly during every sexual encounter. Such persons should also go for regular HIV testing.

7          Under the Infectious Diseases Act, it is an offence if a person who has reason to believe that he or she has HIV/AIDS, or has been exposed to a significant risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, does not take reasonable precautions to protect his or her sexual partner, such as by using condoms, even though he or she may be ignorant of his HIV/AIDS status. Alternatively, the person can go for an HIV test to confirm that he or she does not have HIV/AIDS. Otherwise, the person must inform his or her partner of the risk of contracting HIV from him or her, leaving the partner to voluntarily accept this risk if he or she so wishes.

8          More information about HIV and AIDS can be found at the HPB website at

Background Information

9          The anonymous HIV testing programme in Singapore was first implemented in 1991 at the Action for AIDS Anonymous Test Site at DSC Clinic in Kelantan Lane. The programme was extended to two GP clinics in June 2006, and to another four GP clinics in November  2008.

10        Anonymous HIV Testing will be performed on individuals upon request and who have no signs and symptoms of AIDS. Anonymous HIV rapid testing is carried out on oral fluid or blood from finger prick using rapid HIV test kits registered with the Health Sciences Authority. The use of rapid HIV tests will allow results to be ready in approximately 20 minutes. Persons with reactive rapid HIV test results will be asked to provide a venous blood sample for further laboratory-based confirmatory testing.

11        Pre- and post-test counselling will be provided to all persons who undergo anonymous HIV testing at the clinics. The person will also be given information on the “window period” for HIV infection. The “window period” refers to the time taken for a HIV-infected person to develop antibodies to the HIV virus. Most people will develop antibodies within 3 months of infection while some may take up to 6 months. During the “window period”, an infected person may not show a reactive test on the HIV rapid test or other antibody-based HIV tests which detects the presence of HIV antibodies. Hence, a person would usually be advised by his doctor to be re-tested after the “window period” to confirm his test result if the test was non-reactive and there has been a recent history of high-risk sexual or other exposure. Persons who are found to be HIV-positive will be given appropriate medical advice and counselling.


30 JUNE 2014


Anonymous HIV Test Sites in Singapore



Address/ Opening hours


Action For AIDS Anonymous Test Site

DSC Clinic

31 Kelantan Lane #01-16 S(200031)

Tel: 62540212

Tue and Wed: 6.30pm to 8.15pm

Sat: 1.30pm to 3.15pm

PH: Closed


Anteh Dispensary

368 Geylang Road S(389381)

Tel: 67441809
Mon to Fri: 9.00am to 12.00pm, 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Sat: 9.00am to 12.00pm


Cambridge Clinic

Block 333, Kreta Ayer Road, #03-27 S(080333)
Tel: 63271252
Mon to Fri: 9.00 am to 2.00pm
Sat/Sun/PH: Closed


Doctor Jay Medical Centre

115 Killiney Road S(239553)