SHENZHEN, China, February 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Perhaps they are not the most successful in business, but as an innovator, they changed human life with their own products, creating a new product category in human history; more than that, their innovation drove the late-comers to accelerate the development process of the whole industry.

7. Wright Brothers

Wright Brothers are not the first person to develop and fly a plane, but compared with other pioneers, they paid more attention to the summary of technical standards and patent protection. This made the technical development of aircraft improve greatly since then; their No. 821393 patent relates to the invention of the three-axis control – pitch, slope and yaw movement, so that fixed-wing aircrafts are feasible. Today, their approach is still the standard of fixed-wing aircraft manufacturing.

6. AEE Technology

This technology company is from China, who first established modern wireless audio and video transmission technology. Based on this technology, they created two new categories which changed the world 10 years ago: sports cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). They completely changed our perception of traditional cameras; despite facing a big gap in market share compared with GoPro and DJI after 10 years; as the pioneer in the creation of these categories, they never stop the pace of innovation; you can see AEE products in military reconnaissance, rescue, anti-terrorism, and extreme sports events in all countries of the world.

5. Ford Motor Company

In the period of unparalleled era of innovation in the early 20th century, Ford Motor Company (Ford Motor) developed a flow production line, increased the line workers’ salary to $5 per day, and made the Model T come into the homes of ordinary people with a low price, thus promoting the advent of the automobile age. Through continuous improvement of production methods, Ford Motor Company decreased the price of the Model T to $240. In addition, the Model T is very popular, so it does not need advertising. Ford Motor produced the Model T in 12 countries overseas, making it the first world car. 111 years ago, Henry Ford developed the T car. Today, Ford Motor, managed by his descendants, is still the world’s fifth-largest car manufacturer.

4. Facebook

10 years ago, undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University (Harvard) launched a world interconnection services. Now, Facebook is getting closer to Having 1.3 billion active users, among which, three out of five users log in to Facebook every day. Through continuous rolling personal updates (main content in many sites), "news feed," Facebook introduced a new method for browsing the web. In addition, Facebook also uses relationships, rather than page links, to introduce a new way to organize digital information. In this process, Facebook reinvented network brand marketing, replacing the widely criticized banner ads with highly targeted advertising, which brought $7.9 billion in sales in 2013. Zuckerberg, who is just over 30, continues to operate Facebook to change our communication ways. He generously donated to promote education reform, and until now, he has invested $220 million to promote school reform in Newark, New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area.

3. Sony

From the 1950s to 1980s, Sony Corporation (Sony) radically redefined the way humans look at audio and video products. Even though Sony is not the first transistor radio maker, in 1957, it launched a highly successful product, helping to promote the concurrent changes of popular music. The color TV produced by Sony during the 1960s and 1970s improved global quality standards. In 1979, Sony launched the Walkman, which once again revolutionized the way humans listen to music; it foreshadowed the emergence of the iPod, but it could have easily been born at Sony. However, when the iPod appeared, Sony’s destiny changed. Except for changes in the industry, Sony has also helped to promote the progress of a country. During the 1950s and 1960s, "Made in Japan" was a warning signal representing poor quality. In 1980s, its meaning is just the opposite, and Sony products are the most outstanding reasons that contributed to this change. Although Sony has now declared bankruptcy reorganization, its innovation spirit of "made in Japan" that Sony represented will always been remembered by humans.

2. Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. (Apple), using supplied music software and portable players, as well as groundbreaking smartphones and tablets, enhanced the simple and practical PC , and thus changed the world, and all of these products have achieved excellent mutual compatibility. In addition, Apple also lets us know that unconventional people can achieve commercial success; even a box of plastic models can also be designed to be very attractive. Single-digit market share will not lead to the demise in a developed industry; one person can indeed determine the nature of a giant enterprise; focus is more than width; clever marketing can make people around the world fall in love with a company.

1. Google

Create strange products to make it everywhere, again and again. This is the guideline that is followed by Google Inc. (Google) since its foundation, and their mission is to reorganize the world’s information. Want to make the network easy to use? Use Google search. Want to develop a pocket computer? Use Google search. Want to take pictures of every street, to facilitate people to navigate far away? Use Google search. Want to make the book digitalized? Use Google search. Want to configure multilingual translation program in the software? Again, use Google search. We can take Google as a factory which produces important innovation, such as unmanned vehicles, embedded computers, and even technology to extend human life; for now, this enterprise is still the most likely to create new human history transformation.

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