MUNICH and PARIS, December 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

  • Europe is losing the digital business race to the US and Asia: None of the 20 biggest Internet companies are European (by market cap)
  • Roland Berger Strategy Consultants’ Terra Numerata™ platform aims at supporting and connecting companies to digitalize their business and to invent and develop new business models
  • Networking, innovation and an open source approach are the basis for capitalizing on Europe’s diversity
  • Roland Berger Strategy Consultants forms partnerships with large technology providers, digital agencies, investors, start-ups, incubators and all digital experts and players

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, the leading global consultancy of European origin, has founded the digital business platform Terra Numerata™. This venture is to become the core of a wide-ranging European digital business network that is open to incubators, investors, technology providers, and all digital players. The goal is to bring together firms of different sizes from different segments to help them form alliances and push digital innovation, e.g. by inventing new business models, and thus support the digitalization of the European business world. "Looking at the world’s top 20 Internet companies by market capitalization, the need for such a platform becomes apparent: None of them are of European origin, while 13 of those companies come from the US and 7 from Asia," says Charles-Edouard Bouee, CEO of Roland Berger, adding, "boosting Europe’s share in this market is the key mission of Terra Numerata™."

One key characteristic of Europe’s digital world is the extent of its complexity when it comes to relevant players and institutions. Bringing them together under the umbrella of Terra Numerata™ will increase the productive exchange among them. "Europe’s digital business landscape is highly heterogeneous, with expertise and resources spread across the different countries," says Charles-Edouard Bouee. "However, we should not see this as a disadvantage: Networking this diversity among companies, incubators, investors and experts from the different countries, supported by policymakers, may actually be the key to creating new opportunities in tomorrow’s digital world." Sharing and connecting creativity, capabilities and resources can lay the groundwork for Europe’s digital success story.

Talks with leading European politicians, CEOs and business associations from different countries have clearly proven the support that exists for the establishment of this platform. With deep roots in and a profound understanding of the European business world, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants will provide their clients with essential insights that even "go beyond classical consulting", as Roland Berger CEO Bouee puts it: "Through Terra Numerata™ we will unite primarily European scattered resources and capabilities on a joint platform, of course making the link to Palo Alto and China. New business models are just one of the challenges, data security is another – not only individuals, but also companies and entire states need to be able to keep their information safe."

Many European companies are aware of the need for digitalization – and many of them have successfully begun the efficient adaptation of their existing business models. "Yet when it comes to discovering and developing new economic opportunities in the digital world, we can still see a great need for counseling and support," says Roland Berger CEO Bouee. Partnerships with renowned companies as well as start-ups will further expand Terra Numerata’s™ expertise and increase its support capacities. Initial joint ventures are to be announced at the end of December 2014 and in the first months of 2015.

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