07 September 2014

The Opening of Manjusri Library at Manjusri Library – Speech by Mr Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs, and Advisor for Manjusri Library

Venerable Shi Miao Xian

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning. I am very happy to join all of you here today at the opening of the new Manjusri Library building. I still remember opening Manjusri Library in December 1996, when it was housed in a pre-war two-storey building.

This modern three-storey building provide more facilities and space for reading, conducting classes, as well as holding conferences and meetings. This helps Manjusri Library to better meet its objectives to share knowledge about Buddhism with the public, and to promote the culture of reading and learning.

Since its establishment in 1996, Manjusri Library has been conducting various courses for participants of all ages, catering to the needs of children, adults and seniors. Such activities help to promote better inter-religious understanding, and strengthen the racial and religious harmony which Singapore and Singaporeans have enjoyed for many decades.

The efforts of community organizations, working together with the people and the Government, have helped to build strong social and communal bonds among Singaporeans. As our society becomes more diverse, with different interests and attitudes, it becomes even more important for us to build on what we have in common, rather than focus on what is different.  We must all do our part to build national unity, while we celebrate the unique blend of cultures and religions that make up our society. This will help ensure that we continue to enjoy peace and social harmony in Singapore for many more decades.



[English translation of Chinese lines: With the people, groups and government working together, we have had racial and religious harmony for many years. I hope everyone will continue to live together in harmony, and work hard to maintain Singapore’s peace and stability.

I wish Manjusri Library well, and hope it attains greater success.