Armenia is becoming an increasingly failed state, bereft of sovereignty and independence, Jason Katz, founder of Tool Shed Group, a strategic communications, political and policy consultancy, wrote in his article published by The Daily Caller.

Armenia's total dependency (political, economic and diplomatic) on Russia is not just "convenience," but a deep misunderstanding of how to build an independent state, said Katz, who is also the former head of public affairs and public relations for the American Jewish Committee, based in Los Angeles.

"Russia provides border protection for Armenia and most disturbingly, Armenia is the last of the former Soviet Republics to host Russian bases and troops on its soil - an agreement that was recently extended until 2044," said the article.

Armenia also joined the Eurasian Customs Union, Moscow's counter to the EU and the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Russia's resistance to NATO, said the author.

Recently, Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan, announced that "all [Armenian] foreign policy will be coordinated with Russia," noted Katz.

"Gloomily, in terms of any growth toward independence or rapprochement with its neighbors, is the documented fact that the country is run by former and current warlords," said the author.

Katz also noted the fact that Sargsyan openly and gleefully admitted to orchestrating civilian atrocities to British journalist Thomas De Waal.

"The fact that Armenia remains the only post-Soviet state where almost the entire previous leadership of that country was executed in its own Parliament with absolute impunity speaks volumes to the political views of Armenia's current leaders," said the author.

In documents divulged by Wikileaks, everybody learned that Armenia was transferring weapons from European nations directly to Iran, said Katz adding that these weapons, in turn, were transferred to terrorists fighting and killing brave American troops in Iraq.

He pointed out to the fact that Armenia is a threat to Turkey, NATO and the region as a whole because it is a de-facto Russian province.

"Armenia's failure as a state and betting on superficial, misleading stereotypes will not help the country and its people; becoming, albeit belatedly, a truly independent nation by building peace with neighbors could," said Katz.

Source: Trend