The Comptroller General's Department adjusts the monthly top-up to the state welfare card. Credit limit for buying consumer goods (200/300 baht per month) by adding to the electronic wallet (e-Money) from Feb-Apr 62

Mrs. Yanee Saengsrichan, Advisor to the development of the financial system As a spokesman for the Comptroller General's Department revealed that from February to April 2019, the Comptroller General's Department will start adjusting monthly top-up to the state welfare card. In the pocket of the amount for buying consumer products at Thong Fah Pracharath Shop (200/300 baht per month), which will be divided into e-Money bags with the following details: 200 baht / person / month limit (Will be added in the 100 baht credit bag and 100 baht e-money bag) and 300 baht / person / month (will be added in the 100 baht bag and 200 baht e-money bag) to increase spending options To those who have Thi In the case of e-Money bags

Eligible people can accumulate, spend when necessary. Accumulate as savings on the card Or used to buy consumer products at Thong Fah Pracharath Shop Government stores, villages and villages That accepts payments via electronic payment machines (EDC) and Mobile Application. Citizens' money bags can also be used to buy products with merchants participating in VAT compensation measures. To receive 5% cash back including 1% savings by observing the sticker symbol "Pay by state welfare card The electronic wallet (e-Money PromptCard) "as well as

the income of a welfare state full

year 2559 current limit. Purchase of necessary consumer goods, 3 months top-up adjustment

(February-April 2019) Total

(1) + (2)


Expenditure for necessary consumer goods (2)

Top-up to e-Money

1. Money income not exceeding 30,000 baht per year 300 100 200 300

2. Income over 30,000 baht per year

but not more than 100,000 baht per year 200 100 100 200

spokesperson The Comptroller General's Department reiterated that from February to April 2019, the limit for purchasing consumer goods in the state welfare card of all cardholders will be reduced to 100 baht per month, but the money in the e-Money wallet will increase by 100 / 200 baht per Month instead of on the second part, the card still get the same amount of exercise.

Source: Royal Thai Government