Thailand is mulling over the hiring of about 400 Filipino-English teachers to teach some of their citizens English proficiency subjects, Ambassador Thanatip Upatising said during a brief interview at the Singapore 50th founding anniversary at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati on Tuesday night.

Our Prime Minsiter [Yingluck Sinatwatra] will come over in September to sign a memorandum of agreement with President Aquino to seal the deal, the envoy said.

He added that the Philippines was chosen to be the source of English teachers because of the Filipinos’ mastery of the language, as shown by the country’s success in the business-process outsourcing industry and related information-technology sectors.

He said those who successfully graduate from the English class would be fielded in tourism-related industries.

Bangkok has a thriving tourism industry but there is a dearth of English-speaking guides and hotel employees.

Upatising said he would not like to reveal more of his prime ministers’s visit.