BRISBANE, Sept. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — TaxiBox mobile self-storage, a Melbourne based company that has exploded onto the scene by offering a unique self-storage solution has today launched operations into into Brisbane, less than two years after opening up their Sydney base.

Having initially commenced operations in August 2010, TAXIBOX has been growing at speed off the back of a fantastic and unique offering coupled with a bright and colourful marketing campaign that demands attention. This has caught the eye of the nation’s largest media outlets including the Herald Sun, 3AW and The Australian. The company’s extensive fleet now has the capacity to do over 100 movements a day across Sydney and Melbourne.

TaxiBox’s revolutionary offering will provide Queenslanders with a secure, convenient and cost-effective self-storage solution that wheels right up to their door-step, eliminating the hassle and many of the add on expenses associated with traditional storage (e.g. truck or van hire).

Co-Founder, Jeremy Rosen commented "We are very excited to be coming to Brisbane – we think our colourful TAXIBOXES are just the right colour for the Sunshine state but more than that, we know based on our experience in Melbourne and Sydney that customers will love this revolutionary product offering in the self-storage space".

Co-Founder Ben Cohn added "Another fantastic opportunity for us is in Queensland will be the expansion of our interstate service offering where someone in Melbourne or Sydney can now have their TAXIBOX stored and then moved to Brisbane or vice versa. It’s a very unique offering in the market."

Armed with creative, fresh marketing, and a product that is not only more convenient but also more cost-effective, TaxiBox is taking another step on a National roll-out that will no doubt see the company secure a long-lasting reign as the leading mobile self-storage provider in Australia.

TAXIBOX is revolutionising the self-storage industry through the provision of a service called mobile self-storage. Mobile self-storage is just like regular self-storage, except it’s mobile. This means that the storage is delivered conveniently to the door. The process is simple:

1. The TAXIBOX is delivered to the home or office.
2. The customer takes their time to pack and lock their TAXIBOX
3. The TAXIBOX is collected and stored in our storage facility.

Media Contacts

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Direct: +61-3-9012-0155

Jeremy Rosen (Co-Founder)
Direct: +61-2-8090-0340

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