SINGAPORE, May 3 (NNN-CNA) � There has been no disruption to the supply of fruits and vegetables from Malaysia, said the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Thursday, a day after a deadline for Malaysian exporters to meet a certification requirement.

The May 1 deadline, imposed by the Malaysian Health Ministry, requires exporters to apply for the MyFood Tag certification before they can transport their produce to Singapore.

To date, there is no supply disruption of fruits and vegetables from Malaysia. Our importers continue to receive imports of fruits and vegetables from Malaysia, said SFA in response to CNA's queries.

The Singapore Food Agency will continue to monitor the situation.

According to SFA, the suggestion for the MyFood Tag certification came from Malaysia during a meeting with Singapore's Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) last year.

AVA had requested Malaysia to provide more details of the proposed plan for further discussion but no further details have been received, said SFA, which is the new statutory board overseeing food safety and security after AVA was disbanded.

Malaysia's Deputy Health Minister Lee Boon Chye, however, told CNA that the requirement was a request from Singapore authorities.

Amid uncertainty over the certification, industry players in Malaysia are seeking an extension of the deadline, saying not all exporters are aware of the requirement.

According to the president of the Federation of Malaysian Vegetable Farmers Association, the certification process takes time as it involves sites visits from the authorities who will conduct checks on hygiene practices.

Last year, 41 per cent of Singapore's vegetable supply and 39 per cent of its fruit supply came from Malaysia, said SFA. � NNN-CNA

Source: NAM News Network