SINGAPORE, Oct. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — SunGard’s Valdi Retail Trader, which provides banks and brokers in Korea with a powerful online retail trading platform for global equity markets, has been named "Best New Product for Trading and Execution" in the 2014 FOW Awards for Asia.

Retail trading represents more than 66% of market volumes in Korea’s equity markets. SunGard’s Valdi Retail Trader was developed in collaboration with local technology firm Winway to provide an advanced Korean-language trading interface for sophisticated retail investors, and a scalable, resilient ASP-based infrastructure for market access and real-time risk management for 20 exchanges worldwide.

"Our awards distinguish technology companies that have solved a problem creatively, advanced new possibilities, or improved the way participants approach the region. With retail trading activity in Korea representing a significant volume of the market, the judges recognize SunGard’s Valdi Retail Trader solution for bringing innovation to the Korean market." William Mitting, publisher, FOW

"This award win is a testament of our strength in global trading solutions, and a reflection of our continuous investment in new technology and services that can adequately support the changing dynamics of the industry. SunGard services all types of investors, including institutional investors, asset management firms and retail investors, with demands growing more complex and sophisticated every day. SunGard’s suite of solutions enables our customers to implement smart operations to help them gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace while controlling costs with a managed service." — Nasser Khodri, managing director, Asia, SunGard’s capital markets business

SunGard has been providing software and connectivity solutions to support trading on electronic exchanges globally for more than 25 years, while Winway has a strong track record in enabling retail investors to analyze the Korean market and to trade on Korea Exchange. The two firms have combined forces to address customer demand for full international trading capability from an established application interface: Valdi Retail Trader is the resulting product platform. To help ensure a premier user experience, Winway will provide first-level support in Korean language to both end users and local brokers. 

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