SYDNEY, Sept. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ChineseTime, a one-stop platform that draws on learner’s interests to create a fun and personalized Chinese language learning experience, announced today the launch of its new Hanyu 360-degrees learning system. ‘Chinese learning is easier than you think,’ says Min Cao, the CTO of ChineseTime and a language education enthusiast who has run the website since 2006 in Shanghai, ‘if you follow the four essential steps of our Hanyu 360-degrees learning system.’  This platform provides, to the fullest extent possible, resources that are necessary for effective online Chinese learning. It supports the educational philosophy that language is learnt best via self-engagement, personalized attention whether from live tutoring or curriculum online, and active immersion.

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The Chinese economy’s boost triggers an explosion of interest in Mandarin. The number of Mandarin Chinese learners hits 100 million in 2014. While many websites provide online Chinese learning in one or a few aspects, ChineseTime creates a one-stop platform. It allows beginners through advanced Chinese learners to take online courses for different study purposes: practical or business Chinese, travel Chinese or HSK preparation. In addition, students can do fun exercises, 1-on-1 Skype lessons, join a global study community and explore the Chinese culture and society channel.

ChineseTime’s learning system best represents the new paradigm of online language learning. It delivers a platform that incorporates expanded access to high quality learning materials supplemented by audio and visual resources, game-based exercises, and student-centered interaction. According to ChineseTime’s own experiences with its multi-nationally based students, this blended environment offers successful learning outcomes. More than 20,000 students around the world have learnt Chinese with the help of ChineseTime. In 2009, it achieved an exclusive partnership with the biggest E-commerce Chinese Enterprise, Alibaba, for its international channel of Chinese learning.

A plethora of online Chinese learning providers are already in or entering the market. ChineseTime adds a new dimension to this market by offering the ‘tetralogy’ Chinese learning system. It brings convenience to Chinese learners, who are searching among numerous websites, through its one-stop service. And because of that, it complements online and accessible language education and enriches the learning experiences for both students and Chinese language and culture enthusiasts alike.

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