An exhibition that showcases the key developments in Singapore’s economic transformation over the past 50 years opened at VivoCity yesterday.

The exhibition has four sections. One retraces 50 events that have shaped the economy, including the successful defence of the Singapore dollar against speculative attacks in 1985, and mergers and acquisitions in the local banking sector from 1998 to 2002 that led to bigger and arguably stronger lenders.

Another section relates how several key sectors, including finance, oil and manufacturing, have changed over the past 50 years. Accounts from employees on how their jobs have changed with this growth are featured as well.

The impact of local and global brands on life in Singapore is outlined, while brands that have developed new technologies and products to meet the needs of the country’s economy in the future are also showcased.

Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, the Minister for Family and Social Development, said at the launch that the exhibition shows how the economy has directly impacted Singaporeans’ lives through the kind of jobs it creates and the brands it brings about.

“It allows us to look at the economy and realise it really makes a difference to our lives in very real ways,” he said.

The exhibition, which is organised by Spring Singapore, the Economic Development Board, IE Singapore and JTC Corporation, will run at VivoCity until next Wednesday.

It will then move to Changi Airport Terminal 3 from Aug 21 to 30 and then to Capitol Piazza from Sept 4 to 13.