SINGAPORE-- Singapore Airlines (SIA) has cancelled its plan to charge credit card fees for flights departing from Singapore booked under certain classes, amid a backlash from customers over the move.

In a sales circular issued to its sales agents and business partners on Thursday (Jan 4), the national carrier said it has decided not to proceed with the implementation of the fee "following a further review".

The sales circular issued by Singapore Airlines to its business partners on Jan 4, 2017.

Just a day earlier, SIA had issued a circular stating that it would start charging the fee from Jan 20 onwards for selected booking classes.

The 1.3 per cent fee would be based on the total cost of the booking, capped at a maximum charge of S$50 per passenger, and would apply to tickets issued under the airline's soon-to-be-launched Economy Lite category.

SIA had said that the non-refundable fees were to recover "costs relating to the acceptance of credit cards".

When asked about why it decided to review its plan to impose a credit card fee, SIA declined to comment further.

Currently, SIA charges credit card service fees for flights departing from Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand and United Kingdom. The fees vary for each country.

Full-service airlines which currently impose a credit card surcharge include Emirates and Air France.