I am happy to join you this evening.

Fifteen years ago, James Low and Joyce Lye left successful corporate careers to fulfil their lifelong dream to give back to society. Together with Dr Swee Yong Peng and like-minded friends, they set up Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation in Tampines.

In their vision, Kampung Senang would revive the neighbourly kampung spirit of early Singapore, and care for the community, living beings and Mother Earth. They adopted the twin motto of Caring for Environment, Caring for People.

In its early years, Kampung Senang concentrated on an Elderly Care Centre and a Student Care Centre. It provided immediate relief and hope to the needy and chronically ill. Thanks to founding board member Mr Lau Meng Cher’s donation of a recycling truck, Kampung Senang started recycling mobility aids and hospital beds. This project won Best Volunteer Initiative Award from the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre.

Today, through a range of programmes that encourage healthy living, Kampung Senang inspires people to take care of themselves and the environment. Kampung Senang’s thinking is this: when you can take good care of yourself, you are healthy and happy to give back and help others too.
Joyce, James, you and everyone involved in Kampung Senang can be very proud of what you have achieved. To Kampung Senang’s management committee members, staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, and supporting corporations – thank you very much. Your impact on real lives is priceless. More importantly, your story shows that anyone of us can make a difference, if we make the commitment to care for others. On the occasion of your 15th birthday, let me encourage you to step into the future with confidence, with love, and with lots of the kampung spirit. You are an important member of our kampung – all of us thank you for your good work and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you.

Thank you.