SINGAPORE, The Singapore Zoo will introduce an immersive rainforest night walk in the second half of this year as part of the zoo's 45th anniversary celebrations , The Straits Times reported.

The Rainforest Lumina will be a "night walk on the wild side" with "festive content," the Singapore Tourism Board announced at a press on Tuesday.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), which runs the Singapore Zoo, said that the walk has been set up with careful consideration to minimise disturbance to the park's living collection and native wildlife.

Guests will get to explore a 1km stretch of the tropical rainforest and be treated to "a mesmerising visual and aural experience", it said, adding that more details will be announced soon.

"Through this new experience, we hope to reach out to new segments and inspire them to appreciate wildlife and conserve biodiversity," said WRS.

Source: NAM News Network