SINGAPORE, The mosquito population is expected to rise along with the number of dengue cases in the warmer months ahead, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a media release on Sunday, Channel NewsAsia reported.

It said the Gravitrap surveillance system revealed the mosquito population remained high with 22 per cent more Aedes mosquitoes in the first quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter, thus posing a risk of an increase in dengue cases.

Early this month, three people died and 60 dengue cases were reported in a dengue cluster at Jurong West.

"The warmer months of June to October usually see higher transmission of dengue in Singapore, due to accelerated breeding and maturation cycles of the Aedes mosquitoes and shorter incubation periods for the dengue virus.

"The NEA is thus expecting an increasing trend in cases in the warmer months ahead if we do not take steps to keep the mosquito population in check," the media release said.

The agency urged members of the public to continue to work together as a community to stem dengue transmission.

Source: NAM News Network