SINGAPORE-- Singaporeans flying to Thailand can now use the Automated Gate (Auto Gate) at Suvarnabhumi Airport to enter the country, the Royal Thai Embassy has announced.

This comes after the country said it will "start using Auto Gate to perform immigration check for foreign visitors to enter the Kingdom of Thailand by air".

The announcement posted on the embassy's Facebook page added that Singapore will be the "first country" to be allowed to use the service.

"Singapore is the first country to be allowed to use this Auto Gate at Suvarnabhumi airport. The Immigration Bureau of Thailand will consider adding other countries to the list for the Auto Gate in the near future.

"Singapore Travellers who wish to use the Auto Gate do not need to do preliminary register with the Thai immigration office. At the Auto Gate, the system will record passenger information and fingerprints for identification on subsequent trips. It can also be linked to airlines' check-in systems to verify passengers' identities," the announcement added.

The Auto Gate passport scanners which was reserved for Thai nationals can only be used by visitors who are entering Thailand for tourism purposes. For other reasons, visitors need to apply for a visa and go through the regular immigration checking process, the embassy statement added.

According to the embassy, the decision to allow Singaporeans to use the Auto Gate was based on "an analysis of security and on a reciprocal agreement, as Singapore is now considering allowing Thai nationals to use its automatic gates."

The Immigration Bureau of Thailand is considering expanding the use of Auto Gate to other airports, including Don Mueang, U-tapao and Phuket, it added.