SINGAPORE, More than 300 heavy vehicle drivers were issued 328 summonses in a two-week island-wide operation against heavy vehicle drivers earlier this month, police said on Monday (Sep 17).

The summonses were issued for various traffic offences, such as speeding and failing to keep left on expressways, the police said.

Additionally, road safety advisories were issued to the heavy vehicle operators.

Speed-tracking devices for heavy vehicles on trial until August While the number of fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles has decreased to 10 in the first half in 2018 from 20 in the same period last year. The police said that these accidents remain a concern as they could potentially cause greater damage and loss of life.

They accounted for 18 per cent of all fatal accidents.

"As heavy vehicle drivers spend many hours on the roads and are always on a tight schedule, it is even more important for them to obey all traffic rules and regulations," said the police.

Source: NAM News Network