SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — At CES 2015, which ended on January 10 (PST), many manufacturers from Shenzhen, China, attracted global attention with their extraordinary splendour. An ideological event for mobile Internet was held synchronously, for trans-pacific real-time interconnection and interaction among Santa Clara, California (the core area of Silicon Valley), Shenzhen (Silicon Valley of China) and Beijing (hotspot of mobile Internet of China). The Sino-U.S. mobile Internet seminar was held in Silicon Valley, Shenzhen and Beijing at the same time. At the seminar, industry leaders from the three places shared ideas with regard to mobile-Internet innovation routes, global strategies and mobile-application profit models, mobile-Internet ecosystem and other hot topics. The activity represented accelerated formation of the Silicon-Valley innovation ecosystem, which is promoted in Longgang and Tian’an Cyber Park. The activity in Shenzhen was attended by Feng Xianxue (head of Longgang District, Shenzhen), Xiong Xiaoping (member of the Standing Committee of Longgang District) and leaders of relevant units including Invest Shenzhen.

Trans-pacific three-place real-time interconnection

The trans-pacific real-time interaction forum held by IDG and Longgang Tian’an Cyber Park is one of activities in the 2015 global mobile Internet event-Global Creative Android APP Development Competition. It involved three cities with the greatest innovation in the global mobile Internet area and attracted Qualcomm, Google, Tesla and other large enterprises and many dignitaries, including the former Deputy Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Meanwhile, it was the first trans-pacific real-time interaction forum for a specific few, between China and the U.S. and between Shenzhen and Silicon Valley, with participation of senior management of top-level enterprises in the global industry.

This activity generated a huge amount of attention in the mobile Internet industry in the U.S. and the one in China and was participated by hundreds of enterprise leaders, excellent developers, famous investors and experts in the industry. The activity in Longgang, Shenzhen, attracted about 300 insiders and was participated by Song Liuping, vice president of Huawei, Zhang Yunfei, general manager of ZTE Manufacturing Informatization and other senior management of famous enterprises.

In the speech, Feng Xianxue (head of Longgang District) pointed out that real-time interconnection, communication and exchange between Silicon Valley, Shenzhen and Beijing via the Internet means that Silicon Valley Express actually realized zero distance interaction, achieving three-place interconnection in terms of the most cutting-edge technologies, talents, information and capitals. Meanwhile, Feng Xianxue welcomed global excellent developers to establish businesses in Longgang and said "the interconnection today attracts industry leaders, industrial giants, many excellent developers, senior investors and industry experts and gathers the most precious innovation and entrepreneurial experience, wisdom, vitality and passion in the present age" and "welcome you to establish businesses in Longgang and China."

Realization of Silicon Valley Express

This activity was the practical real-time interconnection between Longgang and Silicon Valley since the Longgang-Silicon Valley Agreement for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Express was signed in last August. Construction of the T4 Silicon Valley Express of Longgang Tian’an Cyber Park has been implemented and accelerated, which is represented by the following events: Longgang Government, Longgang Tian’an Cyber Park, China-Silicon Valley Association and other institutions that signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Silicon Valley Express in Stanford University; the first enterprise innovation ecosystem conference was held in Shenzhen, formally initiating the Silicon Valley Express; the biggest conference in Shenzhen for entrepreneurship and innovation projects of overseas students was successfully held; the Sino-U.S. mobile Internet seminar-Silicon Valley Summit of Global Creative Android APP Development Competition.

Implementation and acceleration of Silicon Valley Express will actually realize transformation of innovation and entrepreneurship exchange between Shenzhen and Silicon Valley from the fragmented connection to the systematic connection and from the low-level cooperation to the high-level mutual benefit. Meanwhile, the investment and promotion mode will be explored, which realizes mutual promotion between the government and the society, common prosperity of the administration and the market, interconnection between Shenzhen and foreign countries. Such efforts will bring the latest technology and new business modes of the world in China, maintain economic vitality, contribute to provision of new power and support Shenzhen in developing into a "national independent innovation demonstration area."

In recent years, the T4 project of Longgang Tian`an Cyber Park has gathered many innovation elements and realized real-time interconnection with Silicon Valley in terms of capital, talent, information, technology and education resource, by the construction of the "Silicon Valley Express" of seamless interconnection with Silicon Valley and "Entrepreneur Avenue" which surpasses Beijing Zhongguancun, with the support by construction of the international university park in the east of Shenzhen. Meanwhile, it has attracted makers, venture capitals, business incubators, entrepreneurs and talents. As a result, it has formed a better innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere than the innovation street of Beijing Zhongguancun and constructed the Shenzhen innovation ecosystem, bringing about greater innovation in the independent innovation demonstration area of Shenzhen.

The Sino-U.S. Mobile Internet Seminar-Global Creative Android APP Development Competition initiated real-time interconnection of Silicon Valley Express for the first time and represented implementation of the information communication platform of Silicon Valley Express. This will certainly have a profound influence on innovation and entrepreneurship activities in Shenzhen and Longgang.

Global APP Development Conference in Shenzhen in South China

In Silicon Valley, representatives of the Mobile Internet Application Development Association (MIADA) and USDA, which hold Global Creative Android APP Development Competition, along with Longgang Tian’an Cyber Park and IDG Group, carried out active negotiation about promotion of connection of global mobile Internet ecosystems, realization of complete integration of APP international resources, assistance in achievement of international development of domestic excellent projects, support for international excellent enterprises in optimizing development in China. They reached an agreement on holding Global APP Development Conference 2015 in Longgang Tian’an Cyber Park and signed relevant strategic cooperation agreements.

Tesla (managing director of Tesla), Shawn Shen (chairman of Silicon Valley Wireless Internet Association and responsible person of Google Android TV) and Quinn Li (vice president of Qualcomm) made keynote speeches, answered questions from audiences of the Shenzhen conference and interacted with them, offering wonderful answers with regard to the difference in the mobile internet industry between China and the U.S. and the future development trend, thus receiving ovation from the audiences.

At the Beijing conference, Xiong Xiaoge (chairman of IDG Greater China) and Li Dongsheng (chairman of TCL) took part in the global interconnection and real-time interaction.

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