– Two-year-old Boy’s 100 Days with His STRIDER; Must-see for All Parents –

TOKYO, December 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Corporation’s Action Cam has captured 100 days of Tele with his STRIDER, and is being released on Sony’s official Action Cam YouTube channel. "100 Days of Tele and His Red Ride" is a series of episodes featuring Tele, an adorable two-year-old boy from Los Angeles, as he struggles hard to maneuver a STRIDER given by his parents.

100 Days of Tele and His Red Ride
Episode 4: Intermediate Highlights

Episode 1: http://youtu.be/4t7p41TcPx8
Episode 2: http://youtu.be/sF5mV5xlHC4
Episode 3: http://youtu.be/t1fOFmL_rBU
Sony’s Action Cam Official Channel

Point 1: The Action Cam captures the life of a beloved young child in ways not seen before!

Action Cams were mounted in several angles to capture Tele’s struggle with his first bike – his STRIDER, his helmet, and even his dad and mom. Sony’s compact, hands-free Action Cam allows his dad and mom to capture the young challenger’s happy faces, his tears and struggles at close-up distances never-seen-before.

Point 2: Episode 4 picks up the highlights of all the episodes so far – Tele’s and his family’s first 50 days of challenge with his STRIDER.

Episode 4 shows the highlights of Tele’s first 50 days since he got his STRIDER, half of the 100-day story. The Action Cam captures Tele’s challenge of riding his first bike, as well as the support he gets from his dad, mom and his younger sister, who has the sweetest smile by the way, all from a warm, realistic family perspective.

More episodes of Tele’s actions will be uploaded to Sony’s official Action Cam channel on YouTube. You will see Tele take on the challenge to ride his STRIDER, getting upset at times, bursting to tears from falling just after he thought he was doing well, but picking himself up to try again…The Action Cam attached to his STRIDER was able to capture many surprises and emotional scenes impossible with a normal video camera. Look forward to seeing how Tele, his STRIDER and his family grow together in the upcoming episodes!

About Sony’s Action Cam

A digital HD video camera from Sony with built-in Steady Shot, GPS, and Wi-Fi, the Action Cam is mounted with the most optimally designed Zeiss Tessar lens to deliver high quality images in Full HD. Its compact lightweight body and variety of accessories gives you even more freedom in shooting, and is an ideal choice not just for shooting sports and other activities, but also recording scenes of you playing with your children from your point of view.

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