— Integrated chipset and software solution includes DASLR technology, enabling OEMs to build intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) for the transmission and distribution grid

TORONTO, Feb. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Energy Instruments (SEI), the leader in ultra-precise measurement technologies essential to tomorrow’s grids, has announced the availability of its DASLR precision measurement technologies, which sets the standard for IED performance parameters such as dynamic response, accuracy, speed, latency and resolution (DASLR). SEI embeds DASLR advanced measurement technologies in its chipset and software solution, and is immediately available for equipment manufacturers to purchase. SEI’s chipset and software solution with DASLR will establish a new standard of performance by which all IEDs will now be measured.

SEI’s commercially available SGD evaluation board is the first to incorporate DASLR precision measurement technologies. The IED platform contains a core processor with multiple DSPs and the SGS1010A Analog Front End. Together, these two components surpass performance requirements for time synchronized IED applications. The IED solution is delivered with a full software stack that includes an embedded Linux operating system which accelerates innovation and enables new functionality at lower costs. The SEI solution provides next generation functionality for IED products such as loss identification, fault detection and isolation, wide-area monitoring systems and power quality management.

"There is a tremendous industry and societal need for increased precision in grid measurement technologies and DASLR sets the bar for Utility IEDs," said SEI CEO Jeff Dionne. "Our evaluation platform includes DASLR and provides the necessary components to build a ubiquitous network of sensors synchronized across the grid. We are at the forefront of extending grid intelligence and we are changing the dynamics of the grid infrastructure as well as the information that grid operators use to manage their network."

SEI’s SGD Evaluation Board with DASLR is now available for evaluation by equipment manufacturers. It is designed for OEMs to accelerate the time-to-market of their most advanced IEDs at the lowest possible cost. SEI will be demonstrating this platform during Smart Energy Week from February 25th through February 27th in Tokyo, Japan.

About Smart Energy Instruments (SEI)
SEI is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer that focuses on delivering breakthrough measurement technologies essential to tomorrow’s grids. Dedicated to improving grid reliability, efficiency and renewables integration through ubiquitous synchronized measurements, SEI provides its chipset and software solutions with DASLR precision measurement technologies to equipment manufacturers worldwide. SEI is based in Toronto, with offices in Tokyo, Japan, Brunswick, Germany and Silicon Valley. For more information, visit www.se-instruments.com.

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