– First Sparrow 2011 then Mailbox 2013, now it’s time for SecureMailbox, with already signed up users in more than 140 countries the interest is huge everywhere for secure messaging.

STOCKHOLM and BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile World Congress 2015 — Available on App Store: SecureMailbox for iPhone and iPad. SecureMailbox, the next generation secure messaging and collaboration platform and the only App that handles all types of international privacy laws in a mobile mail and chat format, is a true game-changer for the whole secure messaging market.

SecureMailbox - the first mobile service that supports all international bank, patient and privacy laws - Now on App Store

SecureMailbox – the first mobile service that supports all international bank, patient and privacy laws – Now on App Store

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Download the App – it’s free – and experience new power and control. Simple and easy, it just works. The "built in" strong sender authentication of the message receiver, gives every user a new dimension of security features and opportunities for effective and secure communication.

"Our mission is to make peoples working life safer, easier and more productive by offering an App that is not just secure, but also legally correct. Within 5-years 50% of all users in the world will have some kind of SecureMailbox attached to their email address"

Anders Jonson, founder of the SecureMailbox concept.

The solution works for every individual or group, independent of situation or place:

  • Between Co-Workers – Safer than using you’re corporate Intranet!
  • With Clients – Sharing documents, contracts or spreadsheets
  • The Bank – Sending you new pin-codes or account statements
  • The Clinic – Sharing LAB-results or x-rays direct to your phone

"I use the SecureMailbox App every day in my communication with customers and clients. We share x-rays and patient data between dental offices and hospitals and can respond in minutes on what needs to be done. This is really a revolution for our whole team."

Fredric Jarnbring, watch the interview on YouTube, "SecureMailbox"

About SecureMailbox

SecureMailbox for iPhone and iPad protects your collaboration with co-workers as well as external clients or important contacts. Strong sender authentication of the receiver, legal protection and the strongest available encryption are built in by design*.

  • Secure collaboration: Share important work, ideas or news
  • Use your camera: Snap a picture or capture a video, then share it with co-workers or your client in a secure and legally correct way
  • Receiver authentication: The sender can require strong authentication of the message receiver worldwide. For optimal message confidentiality and compliance with data privacy laws
  • Control every message: What should happen to your message when it arrives? "Burn after reading"? – Different send options give you a unique control
  • SMS notifications: Get notified of important activities right when it happens – and take action from the screen of your device
  • Secure storage: Store message dialogues and attachments in secured folders

SecureMailbox have already signed up users in more than 140 countries. With the launch of the new iOS App and our upcoming external API we are able to offer a unique secure messaging service for 3rd party App developers and users around the world.

*SecureMailbox is the first App that has been implemented according to the new possibilities to handle all collaboration legally correct in an App. By combining encryption, storage, strong sender authentication of the receiver as well as laws in the right way, the service can help any user or 3rd party App developer to handle classified data, bank secrecy, patient data and personal privacy laws all over the world. SecureMailbox is operating out of Sweden where the constitution provides one of the strongest legal protections in the world of personal privacy.

Visit us at MWC in Barcelona on Tuesday (3/3) at 13.30, Hall 7, in Swedish Pavilion (7E41) with the press.

For more information go to our Mobile World Congress 2015 online press kit: https://www.virtualpressoffice.com/kit/zs3c

Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20150226/8521501134