If you travel with a Samsung Note 7, the Canadian government is urging you not to put the smartphone in checked baggage, or use or charge them during flight.

The warnings come in the wake of Samsung's September 2nd global recall over concerns about batteries exploding or catching fire.

Transport Canada is recommending the phones be carried in the cabin where an incident can be "immediately mitigated."

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One airline has outright banned the phones in the wake of the recall.

Scandinavian Airlines spokesman Fredrik Henriksson says he expects "good understanding from [their] customers" to not use or charge one, or stow it in checked baggage.

Henriksson said that it was a "ban, not just a recommendation" like the one issued Friday by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration which said it can't prohibit the devices until the Consumer Product Safety Commission issues a recall.

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Singapore Airlines already has prohibited the use or charging of the Galaxy device during flights while others have said they would tell passengers not to check the Galaxy phone and to leave it switched off during flights.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued an advisory Friday urging owners of the phones to turn them off and leave them off.

Shares of Samsung Electronics tumbled four per cent Friday, the worst decline for the company's stock since January.

Source: Global News