PARIS, Sept. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Chi-Joon Choi, President and CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. (SEM), will deliver a presentation entitled “New Opportunity in the Age of the Internet of Things” as one of the speakers at World Retail Congress (WRC). Choi’s presentation will focus on technology that offers retailers innovative ways to connect with consumers.

Held from September 29 to October 1 in Paris, France, the eighth annual WRC will feature C-level retail executives and decision makers who will discuss major business issues and provide insight into future management decisions. Under the conference slogan of “Retailing in an Era of Disruption,” presenters will address the technical challenges of a shopping environment in constant flux due to the accelerating evolution of information technology.

Whereas previous conferences have centered on the political, economic, and social aspects of global retail, Choi’s participation at the 2014 WRC guarantees a focused, active discussion of the future application of technology in the retail business. In his presentation, scheduled on September 30, Choi will deliver a comprehensive message that embraces the definition of the Internet of Things, a new but far-reaching phrase that broadly indicates the devices, sensors, and tools that can be connected using the Internet. Choi will address the changes he expects in retail shopping patterns and consumer satisfaction levels, emphasizing that the changing landscape of retail is an opportunity, not an obstacle. Finally, Choi will go on to predict the influence the Internet of Things will have on future global retail business while suggesting technical solutions.

Considering that retailers need to develop comprehensive shopping channels, one such technical solution will be a breakthrough shopping system called “Tag Shopping.” Tag Shopping is a retail channel service that integrates Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and Near Field Communication (NFC). These technologies allow retailers the means to provide seamless, efficient service at offline stores and on online sites such as retailer malls, price comparison websites, and mobile app-based shops. Retailers can remotely update digital price tags while consumers use their own wireless communication devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy series of smart phones, to shop quickly and effortlessly. Such connectivity defines the future of retail considering the advent of the Internet of Things.

“Retailers are establishing IT infrastructure,” said Choi while preparing for his WRC presentation, “including the opening of online stores in order to strengthen connection and interaction with customers. To increase connection and interaction, retailers need to maximize the synergy effect through specialized channels. Their integration will be a requisite of successful retail business in the future.

“With continuous efforts to integrate its know-how of the technical convergence of software and hardware, SEM’s final goal is to reach out to global partners and have them experience new value based on the Internet of Things. As an innovative management tool, our Electronic Shelf Label business has a great potential to evolve into a huge market that will connect consumers to the products they need.” 

SEM has been providing ESL solutions for large global retail companies in Europe, and the company will present further comprehensive ESL solutions with NFC capabilities optimized for European retail stores at the World Retail Expo.

Looking forward, SEM will progressively expand its global market share by developing overseas sales around the European market, which has shown an open interest in ESL technology and which includes the headquarters of major global retail companies.

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When: 11:30 – 12:00, September 30 (Tue)
Where: cnit – Plenary
What: “New Opportunity in the Age of the Internet of Things”

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