Schools may be relocated when there is low demand for school places in a particular estate, or when it is not feasible to upgrade the existing school facilities due to land and building constraints. To date, more than 120 schools have been relocated.

The name of a school is a part of the school identity. MOE has a School Naming Committee that oversees the naming process. In selecting the names of schools, the committee takes into account factors such as the identity of the school and the resonance of names with parents and the wider community.

Of the 120 schools that were relocated, over 80% have had their names retained. However, it not always possible to retain the name of the school. For instance, where the previous name was based on its location, it can result in confusion over its new location.

Where the previous school’s name is not used, efforts are made to document the history of the school and to display this at a heritage space in the new school building. This serves to inform and educate the new student cohorts of the school’s history and legacy. For example, Queenstown Primary School had previously merged with Birkhall Road School in 1984 and with Mei Chin Primary and Tanglin Primary in 2002. The school has a Heritage Corner to reflect its rich legacy by documenting the history of the other three schools.

Where possible and appropriate, MOE would consider reviving old school names for new schools, including names that reflect the commitment of the community towards education through building schools in the early years of Singapore’s history.