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Posted: 19 Jul 2014, 1130 hours (GMT +8)

Response to ST Forum Letter on consequences of renouncing of PR status

PRs who don’t fulfill NS duty will face adverse consequences

We thank Lee Yong Se for his forum letter “Penalties for PRs Who Don’t Fulfill NS Duty Lack Bite” on 14 July.

Male Permanent Residents (PRs), like male Singapore citizens, aged 13 years and above are also required to apply for an exit permit if they wish to remain overseas for 3 months or longer.  They are also required to furnish a bond if they remain overseas for 2 years or more. After 16.5 years old, a bond is required for those who remain overseas for 3 months or more. The bond is in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee of S$75,000 or an amount equivalent to 50% of the combined annual gross income of their parents, whichever is higher. 

Male PRs and citizens who leave Singapore before enlistment and fail to register or enlist for NS will have their bond forfeited. They would have committed an offence under the Enlistment Act, and will be liable to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both.

Ex-PRs who have not served their NS will face serious adverse consequences when they subsequently apply to study or work in Singapore. In addition, any immediate or future applications for renewal of Re-Entry Permits made by their parents and family members who are PRs may be adversely affected.

Teo Eng Dih
Director (Manpower)
Ministry of Defence

MINDEF’s reply was published as “PRs who don’t fulfill NS duty will face adverse consequences”, Straits Times, 19 Jul 14

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