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Posted: 28 Jul 2014, 0800 hours (GMT +8)

Reply to Media Queries on Jeremy Teng’s Postponement of Enlistment Date

In response to media queries regarding Jeremy Teng, following his Facebook post on how his request for a rescheduling of his enlistment date has been approved so that he may participate in a Chinese Singing competition in Shanghai, (and that this comes after his initial request for deferment was rejected,) MINDEF issued the following reply:

“Pre-enlistees are assigned to enlistment intakes based on the Singapore Armed Forces’ operational and manpower requirements, as well as the medical & physical fitness and educational qualifications of each individual. Requests for short postponements of date of enlistment are assessed based on the circumstances of each case. Mr Jeremy Teng will be enlisted within the same time frame as his polytechnic cohort, which will enlist between June and November this year.”

Teo Eng Dih
Director (Manpower)
Ministry of Defence

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