I have to say, it was an exhilarating and exciting experience. I have to congratulate all the teams for your amazing knowledge, the tactics displayed; it’s basically an all-round experience. For those who did not make it, it does not matter in the sense that, it is a part of the experience and it is a learning thing. And so, whilst we have to crown a winner in every competition, a quiz such as this, nevertheless, leaves everyone – participants, audience, myself, feeling like we came out on top because we learned something new. We have all expanded our knowledge tonight, and some of them were really, really tricky questions. There was some pretty great research that went into it. I really do want to congratulate all the teams here.

I am told that the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz was launched in Singapore, as its first international extension in 2007 while the Quiz in India started in 2005. I am also extremely happy to hear that 1,700 Singapore students have participated in this Quiz so far over the years, and clearly quizzing is gaining popularity with our young people. Rigorous quizzes like these are the way to go because it prepares you to be quick-witted, observant and smart. You have to rely on your knowledge and sometimes you are not quite sure, you got to put it together quickly but these are the little things you need in life later and of course, in even more accelerated speeds.

More than that, such quizzes and the preparation that is needed to do well in them, encourage our students to train their minds to go well beyond the areas of knowledge that we are familiar with in school. They teach us to explore different areas, make connections with different ideas, and apply what we learn in novel situations. Most important, it teaches us to never stop learning and to have fun at the same time – that is very important. In the end our thinking is sharper, our curiosity is stronger, and our perception of the world and our environment is enlarged. Quizzing is very much a total gym for the mind!

I am glad to see that the Tata Crucible is just one of many ways that the Tata Group reaches out to the community—in particular the youth in Singapore. From the time the Tata Group was established in Singapore in the early 1970s, they have stuck to their values and made efforts to engage the community even as they expanded their business footprint. In addition to the Tata Crucible, there is also the Tata International Internship Programme, which since 2007 has provided a platform for Singapore youth to gain practical knowledge in Tata Companies in India and in the process, gain a deeper understanding of India.

Seeing the knowledge and passion displayed by all the teams here today, I have no hesitation to say that the future is bright for you, not just here, but also in the rest of the world. I hope you continue to live out your passion for learning and your thirst for dealing with new challenges as you progress in your careers and in life. I wish the winners great success as you represent Singapore in the final International round of the Tata Crucible. Once again, congratulations to all of you and thank you to the Tata group for hosting this wonderful event. Thank you.