GUANGZHOU, China, September 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — “Alive, A Life” Air Purifier launching conference was held by PHNIX in Beijing JW Wanhao Hotel on Sept. 23, 2014. The leading role of this conference was informing the world about a brand-new product designed by PHNIX — the intelligent PHNIX Air Purifier “Alive”.

Different from current mode 1.0 era air purifiers, PHNIX Air Purifier “Alive” has a unique “air changing” function that brings users fresh “alive” air, which benefits indoor environments and creates healthy and environmentally-friendly living conditions. Witnessed by dozens of mainstream media, PHNIX brought air purifiers into the 2.0 era.

Current air purifiers are indoor-cycle air purifiers without a ventilation function, which can only filter and purify indoor air. Fresh air remains hard to bring into the house.

According to related national standards, indoor air needs to be renewed within one or two hours in order to keep air fresh, otherwise the increased concentration of CO2 may lead to physical discomfort, hypoxia, and even brain damage.

PHNIX Air Purifier can decrease concentration of CO2 by absorbing and filtering fresh air, and achieve true air circulation, allowing users to breathe purified “alive” air. Also, the heat recovery function of the unit can save much more energy for your home.

In addition to the new “air changing” concept, PHNIX Air Purifier “Alive” makes air quality crystal clear to users via the intelligent monitor and control function. And, it achieves mobile phone intelligent control through WiFi connection to our APP and can be controlled remotely according to weather conditions.

The silver cover of PHNIX Air Purifier “Alive” is pretty futuristic. Imagine that when you open your door, an intelligent TV has already begun playing your favorite channel all before you have even begun changing your shoes, at the same time PHNIX Air Purifier “Alive” is releasing fresh air making you feel as if you are in a forest after remotely controlling it through an APP on your phone. Then you can sit on your sofa and share the air quality data provided by PHNIX with your friends via the Internet.

PHNIX Air Purifier “Alive” is building an unprecedented criterion for the air purifying market, which helps integrate the Internet, “alive” system and excellent industrial design together.