— Broomwell-Healthwatch will deploy the REKA E100L (CE Mark) to serve the UK Market

— REKA’s solution was chosen for its intuitiveness and capability to enable immediate analysis and results interpretation

MANCHESTER, England, March 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Britain’s largest electrocardiogram interpretation service Broomwell-Healthwatch Ltd ("Broomwell") has deployed Singapore-based REKA Health Pte Ltd’s ("REKA") cardiac monitors and solutions to serve the UK National Health Service Primary Care and private market to detect arrhythmia.

Broomwell currently offers mobile ECG recorder units for patients to wear 24-hours a day up to eight days and is expanding its arrhythmia detection offerings to include the E100L Digital Loop Event Monitor by REKA.

Episodes of arrhythmia, a heart condition whereby the heartbeat is irregular, can occur anytime, lasting between a few minutes to hours. The Digital Loop Event Monitor service is a seven-day home monitoring service, offered by Broomwell, to record the ECG of a patient that is experiencing arrhythmia.

The REKA E100L — whose small size gives mobility allowing users to use it anytime — can record valuable data before and after an arrhythmia episode. The data is uploaded onto REKA’s cloud solution, providing cardiac-physiologists with insights.

Broomwell is deploying REKA’s solution to enhance the operational efficiency of its cardiac professionals. Patients can also use a computer or mobile application to upload ECG recordings, which can be immediately interpreted.

Joshua Rowe, Broomwell’s Chairman, said, "REKA’s solution equips us to expand our services for arrhythmia. The monitoring will be greatly enhanced by the intuitiveness and availability of data via REKA’s system.  Immediate analysis and interpretation of results by Broomwell’s expert cardiac clinicians is now possible."

Tan Kae Yuan, REKA’s CEO, said, "With REKA’s solution being deployed to serve the UK market, our CE Mark E100L can benefit more heart patients while reducing the healthcare cost burden."

About Broomwell-Healthwatch
Broomwell, set up in 2004, enables 12 lead ECG diagnostics via the telephone or computer, providing expert cardiac diagnostics within minutes. Broomwell does about 3,000 ECGs per week and is available to assist medical facilities daily. www.broomwellhealthwatch.com   

Contact: health@broomwell.com

About REKA
REKA, founded in 2011, is a leading digital cardiovascular monitoring solution provider for the healthcare industry. REKA has intuitive solutions, which integrates devices and Cloud-based software compliant with medical regulations. REKA is headquartered in Singapore with offices in USA and Europe. www.rekahealth.com  

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