The instructor registration policy was introduced as part of MOE’s efforts to support schools in procuring the services of suitable instructors for co-curricular and enrichment programmes.

Instructors, including those who are freelance, are mainly concerned about registering with MOE in time to bid for contracts with schools. The registration requirement will only start from January 2015. MOE has given instructors a long lead time of 9 months to register from March 2014.

As a pre-requisite for registration, sports instructors are required to attend a workshop on the standards for coaching co-organised by MOE and Sports Singapore. To ensure that there is sufficient time for instructors to meet the requirement, they are given till the end of 2015 to attend the workshop. Existing sports instructors who are unable to attend the course in the meantime can be given a provisional registration.

MOE will continue to work closely with schools and partner agencies such as Sports Singapore and the National Arts Council to communicate the rationale and requirements of registration to instructors.