Innovative Car Modeling Capabilities First for Automotive OEMs

WALTHAM, Mass., Feb. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Redbend, the company that catalyzes change in the connected world by keeping more than 2 billion automotive, IoT and mobile devices relevant, today announced the availability of Redbend 10, a software management platform that leverages the company’s core smart delta and virtualization technologies, to meet the growing needs of automotive OEMs and Tier 1s as well as device manufacturers and device enhancers in the IoT and mobile markets.

How a car can be updated end-to-end over any network

How a car can be updated end-to-end over any network

Redbend’s smart delta technology delivers the most reliable, efficient, failsafe software and firmware updates. The virtualization technology incorporated into Redbend 10 is used to run multiple, completely separate OSs on one module or device.

"We have taken more than 15 years’ worth of experience in software management to develop one platform that answers 80 percent of any device manufacturer’s software management needs and combined that with a scalable architecture that can be customized to meet the remaining 20 percent unique requirements of customers in automotive, IoT and mobile," said Oren Betzaleli, EVP, Redbend.

With Redbend 10, automotive OEMs can update all models of a vehicle in their entirety. Now, all the components in vehicles needing an update, including those with infotainment systems (IVI), electronic control units (ECUs) and telematics control units (TCUs) running dissimilar OSs, with different levels of resources, from different suppliers and connected via different network types can be updated with one campaign.

"Red Bend’s software update strategy is not only intended to add value to the vehicle after the purchase and fix bugs, it can also mitigate recalls, an increasing proportion of which are due to software," said Roger Lanctot, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics.

Prior to executing any update, each automotive OEM has a set of rules and conditions that need to be evaluated. Before Redbend 10, specific OEM rules and conditions per vehicle model had to be hard-coded into the module. Now the OEM has the flexibility to modify the rules and conditions, saving time and money and ensuring updates get delivered quickly and efficiently.

Redbend 10 features a lightweight device management solution enabling IoT manufacturers to deliver updates to devices that have little memory, low-processing power and minimal bandwidth.

Redbend 10 brings device analytics enabling manufacturers  to gain critical visibility and insight over the performance and usage of device, network, services and applications.

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