— Retailer of luxury bathroom and kitchen products gained more control over managing search data, updated product information more quickly, and improved their search tools for site vendors.

TORONTO, Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — GroupBy, Inc. (www.groupbyinc.com) an industry-leading provider of commerce, media, and knowledge management software solutions announced that bath and kitchen product retailer Quality Bath (www.qualitybath.com) has increased search conversions by 20% since implementing their e-commerce solution, Searchandiser along with the Google Search Appliance to improve the user experience on its e-commerce site.

"When I think search, I think Google," says Mordy Lercher, President of Quality Bath. "So Google was the logical choice to replace SLI Systems and gain back more control over how search was managed. Google recommended the Google Search Appliance (GSA) and once implemented, we launched Searchandiser, a third party tool powered by the GSA that helps retailers merchandise their products within search."

Searchandiser and the GSA provide Quality Bath the control it wants and needs over search. "We can control what URL the customer sees when they search, then call up the required information from the GSA," says Mordy Tikotzky, CTO. "We own all of the URLs that customers are seeing, which gives us more flexibility. We can also use any templates for search that we like, and we can update them any time we want, without waiting for other IT people to update the system."

Any changes to search, such as updating product information to changing refinements, can all be handled internally. "With Searchandiser and the GSA, we can make the changes we needed — it’s a much better process for our team," Tikotzky says. "We’re in control, and we don’t have to involve a third party."

Since Quality Bath began using Searchandiser and the GSA, conversions from site search have increased by 20%, while revenue derived from search has gone up 160%. In addition, transactions are up by 177%.

Added detailed and customer-friendly refinements to search
The improved business results are no doubt a result of the better search experience for Quality Bath customers. "When customers start a search, they now see more detailed choices for narrowing down results, such as brand, pricing, and materials like copper or stainless steel," says Lercher. "We know that easier searching contributes to higher customer satisfaction."

Timely updates to product and pricing data also play a role in creating happier customers, says Steve Loeb, Director of Marketing at Quality Bath. "We’re always changing pricing and adding coupons to encourage purchases, and now customers can see those special offers right from search," he says. "Searchandiser and the GSA are helping us present a consistent and up-to-date experience when they browse products within search results."

About Google Search Appliance
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